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SSL Security Encryption


Due to our site being hosted by eCommerce provider Big Cartel via a personal web-domain it is not in-fact possible for us to enable our own SSL Certification but both our Checkout page and the PayPal payment gateway are fully encrypted and secured...we are only given information in order to complete a sale;

  • NAME

We are not privy to any other sensitive data. (Card details, etc)

As per Big Cartel;

SSL, or “secure sockets layer”, is security encryption technology used on lots of websites to prevent evildoers on the internet from stealing or intercepting info submitted via online forms.

All Big Cartel checkouts are fully SSL encrypted using the strongest protections available, so the personal details and payment info your customers enter when buying items in your shop will be safe and sound.

Since we don’t allow file uploads to our servers, there isn’t a way to install a third-party or custom domain SSL certificate in a Big Cartel shop. But your checkout will always be covered automatically by SSL protection, so no sensitive data is transferred without that layer of security.